Diabetes Patients Who Raise Their ‘Good’ Cholesterol Levels Reduce Their Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke.

Ives Leon Anckaert

Health consultant


Diabetes Susceptibility Gene Identified: Tomosyn-2 Regulates Insulin Secretion.

Ives Leon Anckaert

Health consultant


Ocimum basilicum
Ocimum basilicum

Ocimum basilicum
Origin: India
Origini: India
Use: flavoring, antispasmodic, digestiv, antidepressant, balsamic, healing
Impieghi: aromatizzanti, antispasmodiche, digestive, anti depressione, balsamiche, cicatrizzante
Ives Leon Anckaert
Health consultant
Consulente della salute

Hypericum perforatum
Hypericum perforatum

Hypericum perforatum
Origin: Europe, North Africa, Asia
Origine: Europa, Nordafrica, Asia
Use: antidepression, influence, gastritis
Impieghi: antidepressione, influenza, gastrite
Ives Leon Anckaert
Health Consultant
Consulente della Salute
Italy, Europe

Achilea millefolium
Achilea Millefolium

Achillea millefolium
Origin: Europe Origine: Europa
Uses: indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, menstrual pain, overweight, hemorrhoids.
Impieghi: difficoltà di digestione, diarrea, stitichezza, dolori mestruale, sovrapeso, emorroidi.
Parts used: flowering tops and leaves
Parti utilizzate: sommità fiorite e foglie
Ives Leon Anckaert
Health consulent – Consulente della Salute
Italy, Europe
When yoar go shopping in the supermarket, why don’t you park your car on the supermarket parking as far as possible from the entrance, so you can have a good walking?
That’s a good way to help moving your body, a healthy habit…
Ives Leon Anckaert
Health consultant

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  • Hospitals Services Performed Overseas April 24, 2005
    A movement toward greater use of telemedicine is widening the spectrum of care doctors can provide from afar and enabling more outsourcing of services overseas.
    Rob Stein
  • Doctors Are Warned on Fetus Care April 24, 2005
    The Bush administration issues guidelines advising physicians and hospitals that they are obligated to care for fetuses "born alive" naturally or in the process of an abortion.
    Ceci Connolly
  • New Food Pyramid Unveiled April 24, 2005
    The federal government unveiled a makeover of this well-known icon that emphasizes eating a variety of food, including healthful fat, and underscores physical activity.
    Sally Squires
  • Global Health Corps Proposed to Fight AIDS April 24, 2005
    The federal government should create a corps of AIDS specialists and deploy them in the hard-hit countries targeted by the Bush administration's five-year, $15-billion global AIDS program, according to a panel of experts.
    David Brown
  • Fewer U.S. Deaths Linked to Obesity April 24, 2005
    A new government study has concluded that obesity causes about 112,000 deaths each year in the United States, far fewer than a previous, highly publicized estimate by another part of the same agency.
    Rob Stein
  • Establishing Proof April 24, 2005
    It took 15 years to discover the link between oxygen and blindness -- 15 years in which a mysterious disease haunted America's best hospitals.
    David Brown
  • Walking Proof April 24, 2005
    An exercise demonstrated that middle-age, out-of-shape women who wore pedometers and were instructed to take at least 10,000 steps daily walked more than those who were told to take a 30-minute walk.
  • How Far Off The Mark? April 24, 2005
    Eating healthfully can sometimes seem daunting."Who are they kidding?" a Lean Plate Club member from Frostburg, Md., complained in an e-mail soon after the latest U.S. Dietary Guidelines were released in January. "Two cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables [daily]!"
    Sally Squires

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  • Michigan man among 1st in US to get 'bionic eye' April 23, 2014
    ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — A degenerative eye disease slowly robbed Roger Pontz of his vision.
  • Kids get codeine in ER despite risks, guidelines April 21, 2014
    CHICAGO (AP) — Despite recommended limits on codeine use in children, the potent painkiller is prescribed for children in at least half a million emergency room visits each year, a study suggests.
  • Saudi health minister sacked amid virus deaths April 21, 2014
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah sacked the country's health minister on Monday amid a spike in deaths and infections from the virus known as the Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS.
  • Saudi Arabia reports 11 new cases of MERS virus, first in Mecca April 23, 2014
    Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it had discovered 11 more cases of the potentially deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), including what appeared to be the first case in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. A health ministry statement said eight of the people were in intensive care, two were stable, including a 24-year-old Saudi man from the "holy cap […]
  • Breastfeeding may protect against heart disease: study April 23, 2014
    People who had low birth weights and those breastfed for short periods may be more likely to develop chronic inflammation linked to heart disease in adults, a study said Wednesday. Researchers in the United States found a "significant" association in almost 7,000 people between birth weight or duration of breastfeeding and higher levels of C-reacti […]
  • Missouri executes convicted killer in 1993 cattle-stealing plot April 23, 2014
    By Carey Gillam KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - Missouri on Wednesday executed a man who had been convicted in 1993 of murdering an elderly farming couple in a plot to steal their cattle, a state official said. William Rousan, 57, was pronounced dead at 12:10 a.m. (1.10 a.m. EDT) at a state prison in Bonne Terre, said Mike O'Connell, a spokesman for t […]
  • Chairman of Lanzhou Veolia apologizes after water pollution in China April 23, 2014
    The chairman of the Chinese unit of French utility Veolia Environment has apologized to the public after a cancer-inducing chemical was found in tap water supplied by the company, the Xinhua news agency said. Benzene was found in tap water supplied by the Lanzhou Veolia Water Company in the northwestern city of Lanzhou on April 10, forcing the city of 3.6 mi […]
  • Oklahoma execution halted amid confusion over stay orders April 23, 2014
    By Heide Brandes OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued a one-week stay in the execution of a death row inmate due to die by lethal injection on Tuesday, in a move to clear up confusion over which state body has the final say over executions. Fallin ordered the stay for convicted murderer Clayton Lockett a day after the state Supreme […]
  • Teen who stowed away on Hawaii flight resting in hospital April 23, 2014
    A teenage boy who stowed away on a flight from California to Hawaii in the frozen, oxygen-deprived wheel well of a passenger jet was resting in hospital on Tuesday, two days after his death-defying jaunt over the Pacific, a Hawaii official said. The teenager, whose name has not been released, is "resting comfortably" at a hospital in Hawaii, Kayla […]
  • California bill to curb medical marijuana passes key hurdle April 23, 2014
    By Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) - A measure to regulate California's chaotic medical marijuana industry passed a key legislative hurdle on Tuesday, in a move that could lay the groundwork to tax and control recreational use of the drug if it ultimately becomes legal. U.S. states are increasingly moving to remove curbs on marijuana f […]

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  • Details of teen stowaway's journey emerge April 23, 2014
    Details of teen stowaway's journey emergeAPSurveillance video reportedly shows how and when the boy breached airport security.Plus, how experts think he survived harrowing conditionsIn other newsUS sends Russia harsh warningFungus could wipe out bananas
  • More arrests as grim ferry search continues April 23, 2014
    More arrests as grim ferry search continuesNICOLAS ASFOURI via Getty ImagesAs the death toll from the sunken boat climbed Wednesday, four more crew members were detained.Arrested worker's account of tragedyMore on the sunken ferryCrew's acts of bravery surface Ferry owner has checkered past
  • Pacers All-Star returns to form in Indy's big win April 23, 2014
    Pacers All-Star returns to form in Indy's big winGettyPaul George did it all in his team's much-needed win over the Atlanta Hawks in Game 2.'That's why he was in the MVP conversation'More sports storiesPujols clubs milestone homerNets-Raptors series all tied up
  • Sofia Vergara unveils alluring new fragrance April 23, 2014
    Sofia Vergara unveils alluring new fragranceHSNAvailable today only at a special pre-sale price, an exclusive offer just for AOL users.Limited quantity, get it now
  • Colbert visits Letterman April 23, 2014
    Colbert visits LettermanStephen Colbert, who will take over for a retiring David Letterman on the 'Late Show' next year, celebrated by taking a selfie with Dave. Turned down working for Dave twiceMore entertainmentO'Reilly's beef with Colbert'Gone Girl' movie takes a turn
  • Man had no idea what tiny barn in yard was April 23, 2014
    Man had no idea what tiny barn in yard wasDaily MailIt wasn't until he went to demolish it that he discovered its true identity.What he found when he pulled back wallsMore to clickCop caught 'tripping' kids at gameFunniest city in America named
  • Man knocked unconscious, becomes genius April 23, 2014
    Man knocked unconscious, becomes geniusStruckbyGeniusScientists say Jason's brain was forced to overcompensate in areas most people aren't able to access.He's one of only a few people in the world who can see thisMore to clickDWTS instructor's epic meltdownRichard Gere quietly dating star
  • Pat Robertson issues warning on 'end times' April 23, 2014
    Pat Robertson issues warning on 'end times'Raw TVThe televangelist has written a book on the subject and during a TV interview predicted the end could be very near.Event that could happen next weekMore newsLawmaker nabbed for alleged DUI Glenn Beck regrets gift to Romney
  • Clear signs it's time to toss clothes April 23, 2014
    Clear signs it's time to toss clothesGettyYou may think you'll want that top in a year, but there are a few signs that it's time to get rid of it. 10 red flags that an item has to goMore from StyleList9 awkward beauty situations solved8 spring swaps for winter staples
  • Mets ace posts controversial Twitter picture April 23, 2014
    Mets ace posts controversial Twitter pictureGettyMatt Harvey posted what was supposed to be a comical photo, but instead his Twitter account was shut down.Warning: Photo might be offensiveMore in sports Kentucky player enters NBA draftBills sued for excessive texting

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  • MTV Takes On Abortion Debate with New Doc
    Filed under: Sex, Health "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" gave us an inside look at how young moms deal with the hardships that come along with being a kid who has a kid. And now MTV is looking at the other side of unplanned pregnancy, and tackling abortion. "No Easy... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments […]
    Emily Tan
  • I Was Misdiagnosed With a UTI Over And Over...
    Filed under: Health, First Person I remember the first time I needed to verbalize the pain caused by Interstitial Cystitis. I was going to a gymnastics meet in upstate NY and was about 7 years old. My family stopped at a rest stop, and I went to pee. I sat on the toilet, and nothing... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments
    Ilana Glazer
  • Coming Soon to Your Crotch -- An Icky New Spa Treatment
    Filed under: Sex, Health, Weird News Mani-pedis are soooo 2010 -- somebody blast some hot, herbal steam at our loins! Seriously. It's the wave of the future/a blast from the past, and it's aimed directly at your girl parts: An ancient steam treatment from Korea has made its way... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments […]
    Emerald Catron
  • Ginnifer Goodwin Admits to Being on Weight Watchers Since Age 9
    Filed under: Health, Celebrity It's no secret that most working actresses are forced to diet more or less constantly, but "Big Love" star Ginnifer Goodwin shocked us a little when she confessed that she's been dieting since fourth grade. "I have been a member of Weight Watchers... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Co […]
    Emily Tan
  • A Sticky-Fingered Trend -- Why Kleptomania Spikes at Christmas
    Filed under: Health, Psych, Feed Your Brain In a season when everyone is thrilled to finally let their hair down and kick their heels up, what is a host to do when she unwittingly opens up her home to a subculture of sticky-fingered guests? With the return of the holidays also comes the return... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments […]
    Doree Lewak
  • Can Thrift Store Clothing Give You Scabies?
    Filed under: Health, Fashion If the biggest thing you worry about when you're vintage shopping is getting gouged on an ironic T-shirt, don't worry. You can now worry about getting scabies. According to Health magazine medical editor Dr. Roshini Raj, these eight-legged mites... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments
    Emily Tan
  • Want a Partner for Life? Fall in Love With a Nerd
    Filed under: Health, Dudes Nerds! Nerds! Nerds! Geeky dudes might not be the most sexually appealing (unless you're editor Julieanne), but chances are they'll probably be around a lot longer than the jocky guy with the six pack. According to a study from the University of... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments
    Allison James
  • BL Body Activewear Giveaway Reminder!
    Filed under: Health, Fashion, Giveaway! We've all seen NBC's "The Biggest Loser." It's amazing. Did you know that there is a line of activewear inspired by the show? Well, now you do. It's kind of amazing, too. BL Body is stylish and functional (and seen on TV!) It is designed by... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blo […]
    Whit Honea
  • BL Body Activewear Giveaway!
    Filed under: Health, Fashion, Giveaway! We've all seen NBC's "The Biggest Loser." It's amazing. Did you know that there is a line of activewear inspired by the show? Well, now you do. It's kind of amazing, too. BL Body is stylish and functional (and seen on TV!) It is designed by... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blo […]
    Whit Honea
  • I Trained With Natalie Portman's 'Black Swan' Ballet Instructor
    Filed under: Health, Entertainment You always read about the total-body transformation that celebrities undergo for their roles in movies. But what's it really like to physically prepare for a Hollywood production? In Darren Aronofsky's recently released "Black Swan," Natalie... Read more Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments […]
    Teresa Wu

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