In addition to using the finest ingredients, the correct plant parts need to be used, the herbs need to be harvested at the right time of the year and each herb needs to contain a specific profile and quantity of active ingredients. These are standard practices adopted with each ingredient used in Nature’s Sunshine products.

  •       Not all supplements in the industry are the same…

   -You can purchase 100% Golden Seal and get Golden Seal leaves when it is the root  that provides the needed benefits.

   -Cascara Sagrada needs to bee aged for a whole year before it can be used. If a company uses it when it’s green it will cause nausea, cramps and vomiting.

   -Some herbs need to be harvested at particular times of the year when their full level of active ingredients are present. For example, Ginseng is most potent when harvested in autumn.

   -Improperly processed and pacaged herbs can lose nutritional value and potency with prolonged axposure to air, light and heat.