SynerProTein – Energy Drink:


Would you like:-

· More energy and stamina?

· Improved concentration?

· Better hair, skin and nails?

· To eliminate many food cravings?

SynerProTein is a unique formulation of non-genetically modified soya protein providing all the essential amino acids, combined with cruciferous vegetables, vitamins, minerals and herbs. SynerProTein is designed to give you a powerhouse of nutrition and energy providing a high quality protein supplement which is dairy free, wheat free, gluten free and virtually fat free.

Why you need SynerProTein everyday

The word ’Protein’ is from ancient Greek and literally translated means ‘First’. Protein is the first food category that should enter the stomach in the morning and can help balance our blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings during the day and provide sustained levels of energy. In addition, your body’s billions of cells and tissues are incessantly broken down while others are being built to replace them. This constant turnover means a continuous need for protein.

As you age, your metabolism slows down, which means you need fewer calories, however your daily protein requirement remains the same.

Animal versus Vegetable

The amount of animal protein and fat consumed in different countries strongly correlates with rising obesity levels and mortality from heart disease, which is the number one cause of death.

Thanks to sophisticated nutritional engineering, SynerProTein will help you obtain complete, high quality vegetable protein without the calories, cholesterol and fat of other protein sources. It is one of the most carefully formulated, well-respected protein supplements available today.

SynerProTein – The informed choice

SynerProTein does not contain milk, eggs or animal derivatives and is therefore also an excellent source of complete protein for vegetarians and those with milk allergies.

SynerProTein contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives.

Originally formulated by Dr James Scala – Nutritionist to astronauts, olympic athletes and the author of various best selling books including, ‘Prescription for longevity’.



Basic recipe:

In a shaker, mix one scoop of SynerProTein with a glass of chilled water.

Banana delight:

In a blender, add one scoop of SynerProTein and one scoop of TNT (orange flavored fibre drink) with a glass of chilled water and one banana.

Chocolate orange:

In a shaker, mix one scoop of SynerProTein chocolate and one scoop of TNT (orange flavored fibre drink) with one glass of chilled water.

Fruit surprise:

In a blender, add one scoop of SynerProTein original, some fresh fruit, a glass of chilled water and a serving of Zambroza .

Ives Leon Anckaert – Health Consultant