By Ives Leon Anckaert

Children’s nutritional requirements are different to adults. Adequate nutrition is crucial during childhood when new tissues, bones, muscles and the immune system develop at an astonishing pace. The amount of energy to play, learn and develop is directly influenced by a child’s diet and excercise.

Unfortunately many children have a diet high in processed and refined foods which lack nutrition and busy parents can easily reach for ‘fast foods’ and ‘ready meals’ rather than prepare meals with nutritionnally rich organic foods. In addition, recent publicity has highlighted the concerns with children’s diets at school.

Many children are missing valuable nutrition and consume too much sugar, salt, bad fats and additives, and to exacerbate the problem they are also becoming less active.

One quarter of the population are now overweight by the time they reach 16 years of age and we are seeing an increased risk of health problems such as diabetes at a much younger age.

img_children5 The ‘Herbasaurs’ Range:

Nature’s Sunshine Herbasaurs range provides your child with valuable nutrition. Elderly people who experience difficulties swallowing capsules or tablets can also benefit from using this range. The entire Herbasaurs range is free from artificial colours, flavours, sucrose, starch and preservatives.

In addition to the Herbasaurus range other chewable products include chewable vitamin C and chewable papaya mint. A variety of our ‘adult range’ can be used for children at a reduced dosage.

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Ives Leon Anckaert

Health Consultant – NaturaLifeSite.