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Ives Leon Anckaert .

Aloe and bitter melon both have traditional medicinal uses, and new studies have revealed encouraging data on their effects for people with diabetes.

Source: Aloe and Bitter Melon Can Help Treat Diabetes

BOX 20 BAGS Helps improving vascular disorders that accompany diabetes (diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, phlebitis, arteritis) recommendations: Lower blood

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Among all nuts, walnuts may be the king because they help improve your health in number of ways — here are some seven benefits of walnuts.

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Sugar is a primary dietary factor driving chronic disease development. Excessive fructose consumption can lead to diseases and health problems.

Source: Cutting Down on Sugar Might Be the Best Health Insurance

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Zambroza is a delicious antioxidant-rich fruit drink, super charged with 10 nutritious fruits and herbal extracts, each specifically chosen for their remarkable health benefits, making zambroza the most powerful antioxidant drink on the market with truly exceptional holistic properties.

The rich supply of antioxidants in Zambroza gives great protection to the body from the daily onslaught of free-radical damage. It is estimated that each of your trillion cells are bombarded by thousands of the free radicals every day.

Excess free radicals are one of the greatest threats to our health, attacking each cell in the human body, weakening it and making it susceptible to sickness and disease. Excess free-radicals are also responsible for the effects of premature ageing, both in the body and the brain.

The powerful ingredients in Zambroza help neutralise free radicals and therefore reduce the risk of numerous diseases.

Clinical trials show that Zambroza’s immune stimulating ability is 300% higher than the nearest competitor. Zambroza has powerful anti-ageing benefits, increases vital energy, reduces inflammation, contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings.

Everyone should take Zambroza on a daily basis to enjoy the comprehensive preventative benefits that it provides. This delicious drink can be enjoyed by all ages and is even safe and benificial to take during pregnancy. Each bottle of Zambroza contains a two-week supply. You can buy Zambroza singulary or enjoy an extra discount by buying a pack of four.

By Ives Leon Anckaert

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Zambroza is a Nature’s Sunshine top supplement. This great tasting exotic fruit drink contains a unique selection of powerfull antioxidant nutrients, which have been shown in studies to reduce the risk of hundreds of illnesses.

Zambroa’s Benefits:

  • Great tasting antioxidant drink
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Can be taken during pregnancy
  • Reduces the risk of hundreds of deseases
  • Reduces inflammation and free radical damage
  • Powerfull anti-ageing benefits
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavouring


Key Ingredient:

Mangosteen is the key ingredient in Zambroza. This delicious fruit has been used extensively in Asia for its powerful health benefits. The pericarp (outerlayer surmounding the fruit) contains a class of super-antioxidants called ‘xanthones’ which provide unparalleled antioxidant protection to the cells in the whole body.

Traditionally this fruit is used to help prevent heart diseases, diabetes, skin problems, allergies, arthritis, inflammation, irritable bowel and much more.

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